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The Global Fight Against Coronavirus – Here’s What You Should Know

Source: Elemental Medium

The coronavirus epidemic started in Wuhan city in China and turned from an unknown enemy to worldwide fear in a matter of months. The latest reports suggest that the total number of deaths from this virus has crossed 1500 majority of which have occurred in China. A total of 60,000 confirmed cases are reported around the world since the flu-like virus first emerged in December in Wuhan from a wildlife market.

A huge majority of infections are being seen in mainland China though 29 other countries have confirmed cases including nine in the United Kingdom. While it is not known how many people could be infected, a report suggests that it can affect about two-thirds of the global population if the virus is not controlled.

As the virus is spreading across Asia and Malaysia, carrying panic with it, scientists are trying to find ways to fight this threat. Researchers are striving to engineer a vaccine against this virus while computer techniques are being used to predict and track its transmission. Drug treatments are being researched to help the victims of this infection. The newest coronavirus named COVID-19 is a young virus that emerged in early December as suggested by the attempts to trace its origins. It was initially believed to have come from bats while later it was suggested that it jumped to humans from snakes. Recently, pangolins are being proposed to be a likely cause for the spread of the virus. However, while the earliest cases were seen in people who had contacts with infected animals, new cases suggest that the virus is passed from one individual to another.

Coronavirus generally attacks the upper respiratory tract to cause a number of illnesses including pneumonia. Evidence suggests that it can also move in other parts of the body to affect the nervous system and cause permanent neurological damage. Some people have immune systems that let them carry the virus with no or few symptoms. Others might experience intense symptoms like coughing and sneezing and spread the infection to others around them. General steps like washing hands and wearing face masks can help limit the spread of the virus. Newer technology is making it easy to diagnose the virus quickly to make efforts to control the outbreak. Even though it can be diagnosed fast, it is difficult to find an effective treatment. Antivirals are the main treatment that interacts with the virus and disrupts its ability to affect the cells.

Unfortunately, there are no many effective antiviral drugs for coronavirus. The antiviral developed to treat the Ebola virus is a potential treatment for the new coronavirus but antivirals don’t always work. hospitals and research centers are performing clinical trials on a number of treatments to find effective drugs for this virus. There is also a race to develop a vaccine against this virus. If a part of the community is vaccinated, its spread can be controlled. A pharmaceutical company has been given the grant to develop the coronavirus vaccine within 16 weeks.

One of the potential treatments for coronavirus is cannabis, as suggested by some people in recent days. Some experts have announced that the magic plant can provide the solution to the world’s problem and weed has the ability to kill coronavirus. According to scientific evidence, cannabis has antibiotic properties and some cannabinoids also show antibacterial activity. Scientists have also discovered that components like CBD with no psychoactive properties can eliminate infections and prevent the risk of future infections. Mice studies have recently proved that these components can work as effectively as the most powerful drug-resistant infections. Websites like are not only producing Covid 19 Art masks to prevent the spread but also making a difference by donating $1 to BC Children’s Hospital for each masks sold.

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